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Each horse that passes though a horse rescue group touches so many lives. The horses show such a strength and character even when they have faced the worst of times. South Jersey All Breeds Horse Rescue helps gives these horses a second chance. If you would like to find out more – Available Horses

Horse Rescue Story South Jersey All Breeds


Horse Abuse Katie

Kate’s Story   South Jersey Horse Rescue was started when I found out about American horses being shipped to slaughter in Canada. I have a 31 acre farm and three horses of my own. Kate was one of our first rescues- I had heard that there were still two horses in the kill broker pen at Camelot Horse Auctions, so I sent one of my friends with a trailer to go pick up the two leftovers. Two starved Thoroughbreds almost fell out of the trailer, both in terrible neglected condition. Polly Jean was young, about 6 or 7 years old, very thin and with horribly overgrown hooves. But Kate was a complete disaster- skeletal, with large bloody patches of skin missing (due to lice), arthritis, horrendous feet, and scars all over her emaciated body. She was older, about 25, and no one thought she could be saved. A few weeks later, after we started feeding them up, took care of the skin and worm issues and got their feet taken care of, we all noticed that Kate would ” zone out”, her eyes would roll back and she would exhibit strange behavior, almost like dementia in a human. She tested positive for EPM, an equine neurological disease, which can happen in cases of severe neglect. My Board voted to put her down, and as we run only on donations and are 100% non profit- did not want to spend the money or a new experimental medication called Marquis. The tests on Marquis had mixed results, with some horses getting better, some horses getting worse and some not responding at all. The medication was $700. I got my tax refund that week and bought the medication. Kate had obviously been through so much, I felt she needed a chance to have at least a little bit of good life, before she passed on. Her eyes told me she wasn’t “done yet” and still wanted to be on this earth. She continued to have seizures for a few months and suddenly they stopped. She gained weight, looked and felt better, got some energy, and made friends with Duke, an old one-eyed Quarter Horse who lives in sanctuary here.   I found out through Kate’s tattoo, that she had been a successful racehorse (her racing name was Dr. Barb P.) and came from Maryland. She raced for five years, then went on to be a very successful brood mare. Her owners loved her dearly and she had the best care…until one day the owner and his son were killed in a tragic accident. The race horses were given away, by the family and were scattered all over. It is unknown what happened to Kate after that, but it was certainly not good. She came to us so close to death, it was a true miracle she survived.   She had a great life here- went out to grass every day in the summer, had her arthritis pain managed, got chiropractic care and raindrop treatments from an energy healer. She made friends with George, our handicapped one-legged Guinea Hen who used to ride around on her back and eat the flies that landed on her. She also loved Maitlda Rose, an elderly mini mule who had been abused and was terrified of humans. She cantered and rolled and nipped at any gelding who tried to sniff her. She had a wonderful personality- loved cold weather, loved baths and being curried.   The day came when Kate’s arthritis really took hold of her- and no matter what we used, we could not help her pain. She started to get thinner, and began to stay in her open stall all day. The vet came to check her out and said, “It’s time” and Kate was laid to rest, here, in the grass field that she loved. This happened almost a year ago and I am crying as I write this. it was so hard to let her go, but I couldn’t make her live for my selfish reasons.   She is, and will always be the mascot for South Jersey Horse Rescue. There is no reason for horses who gave their lives to humans, for human pleasures, service or entertainment, should not be able to live out the rest of their loves in contentment and comfort. We only gave her an extra 2 1/2 years, but they were happy years and she deserved every minute of it.   I will never forget you, dear Kate.