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QA Horse Abuse and Rescue


Do you know a horse that is being abused or neglected? Unsure if a horse is being abused? Would you like to adopt a rescue horse? Here is some of the top questions and answers for this -

Questions and Answers About Horse Abuse and Rescue

QA Horse Abuse and Rescue

Q. I think there is a horse being abused and not sure what to do?

A. A local horse rescue group can help put you in contact with the person that would be best for that horse’s situation. And they will determine if there is help they can quickly get to the horse. For a list of rescue groups – Free Horse Directory.

You can contact your local sheriff’s department to report the horse abuse

Online you can contact the ASPCA to report animal cruelty or The Human Society of The United States.


Q. Can a rescue group come in and take a horse that is being abused?

A. No, rescue groups work with local law enforcement for the removal of a horse from an abused or neglected situation. A rescue group can make contact with the current owner and offer assistance to help the horse. This can be a huge help to horse owners that are not sure how to get help for their horses.


Q. What are some signs of a abused horse?

A. Horses should not be showing ribs or bones and can be severely underweight.

Horses hair that is long and dead can be a case of internal problems or neglect.

Sunken eyes can be a sign of dehydration.

Feet that have not been cared for and are growing abnormally.

Teeth that are extra long and have not been floated.

No available shelter for the horse.

Water and food being with held or not available for the horse.

Does the horse have visible injuries or signs of abuse?


Q. I have a horse that I am unable to take care of and do not know what to d0?

A. There are many organization’s that will work with you to help the horse. You can contact a local rescue group – Free Horse Directory.


Q. What can I do to help with the abused horses?

A. Rescue Groups Shelters and Sanctuaries are always needing Volunteers, Donations, Sponsors and Foster Homes for the horses. Contact a local group in your area to see how you can be of assistance.


Q. How you can you find a horse to adopt?

A. There are many great horses ready for a new home. Check out our listing Horses Adoption Sale.