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Starting A Horse Rescue Group

Do you love horses? And want to be able to rescue and save them from slaughterhouses and abuse? Would you like to know how to start a horse rescue? Starting a horse rescue is a lot of work and a lot more money. Unfortunately there have been horse rescue groups that have gotten over their head and on the wrong side of the rescue efforts. It is very important to understand that you can not save every horse and that you will have to say no to be able to help the ones you have.  Learning how to start a horse rescue is important to start out right.

With the current economy it has been a hard choice for many but they can not keep the horse that they have and are looking for someone to take the horse. Others have abandoned or neglected their horses and are still not wanting to give up the horse. This can cause a stressful and legal situation that you can become involved in. Slaughterhouses are the end of the line for thousands of horses. And many rescue groups reach out and try to save as many as possible. This is a financial investment for the rescue group. After purchasing the horse or getting a rescued horse. They have to get medical attention to help save the horse. How To Start A Horse Rescue

Veterinary cost are very costly and add up quickly with many horses. Horses will need complete checks by the vet, most of the time their teeth will need to be floated. The hooves are sadly a in extreme conditions and need a lot of work to fix. There could also be problems with their skin, eyes and other physical problems.

Dietary concerns are a major factor when getting the horse. Depending on the condition and the age, the cost of feed can be very costly and specialized. Hay cost around the country has risen and in some places even hard to get.

Time is the on thing you will never have enough of. Daily maintenance of the property and barn combined with the care of the horses takes a lot of time. Each horse will need individual time to work with them and help them be able to get adopted. There is also a lot paperwork, bookkeeping and office management that will need to be completed.

Still interested in starting a rescue group? Here are a few basics that you will need to get started -


Getting A Horse Rescue Organization Started

1. If you have not volunteered or worked with a rescue group. Check to see if there is one in your area that you can volunteer at to learn what all is needed to run one first. If there is not one close by, check online with other groups to see if they will share what they did with you and be a mentor.

2. You will need to check with your State and City for non profit requirements , laws and regulations. To be a non profit organization you will need to become a 501(c) 3. This cost could be in the hundreds of dollars to file. You will also need to file a notice with the IRS for tax-exempt status and become incorporated in your state.

3. Find a veterinarian before you start taking in horses. Check to see if they offer any discounts or payment plans available. Make sure you are able to pay for the care of the horses before you start taking in horses.

4. Find volunteers that are also interested in working to save horses. This will help free up a lot of your time and help you accomplish even more. You will need to put together a volunteer pack to have them complete.

5. Choose a name for your organization and put together guidelines and mission statements for the group. how To Start A Horse Rescue

6. Have a plan for raising money to support the rescue and the cost it will incur.

7. Have reliable transportation to move the horse from one location to another as needed.

8. Decide if the horses will be adopted out or will be living at the rescue as permanent residence. If you will be adopting out the horse than you will need a contract and guidelines for the new owners. For permanent residents you will need a plan to care for them for as many years as they are around.

9. In the unfortunate circumstances that a horse passes away or needs to be put down. You will need to have a plan on how the horse will be buried. Horses are very large animals and it is not easy to bury one and needs a large area and equipment.

10. Start at small and take the time to learn everything you can. There are many unexpected problems that can arise while you are learning and growing your rescue.


Now that you have learned how to start a rescue add your new group to our Free Horse Directory.